Wrongful Death due to Medical Malpractice

Published: 05th June 2009
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Every year, over 90,000 wrongful deaths are caused by medical negligence or medical malpractice. Thousands of wrongful death through medical practice happens in Los Angeles.

This number is staggering and it provides a glimpse on the current incidence of medical malpractice occurring not only in Los Angeles but the whole US. Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys can help with these cases but it is up to the families if they are to take action or not.

Medical Malpractice occurs when a doctor does not perform the same level of skill that other doctors in the same field would provide in the same instances. This also applies to all healthcare professionals like nurses, dentists and in some instances, the hospital itself.

There are many ways a wrongful death or personal injury can be caused by medical malpractice. Here are some:

• Surgical Malpractice - This can happen during or even before an operation. Here are some errors committed by doctors during operation that can lead to injury or death.

o Unsanitary surgical tools

o Wrong incision

o Surgery on wrong organ

o Puncture of organ during operation

o Delayed and prolonged surgery

• Medication Errors - A 1990 study discovered that there is an estimated 3.13 errors for every 1000 medicine orders. Misdiagnosis or negligence by the doctors, healthcare staff or even the pharmacy can cause wrong prescription or wrong dosage of a medicine.

• Bacterial Infection - Unsanitary tools or hospitals can cause severe bacterial infections and can lead to other diseases and eventually even death.

• Diagnosis Error - Wrong diagnosis could lead to wrong choice of therapy and wrong choice of medication. Misinterpretation of lab results and not giving necessary attention to abnormal occurrence could prove fatal to a patient.

• Birth Injury- Injury or death can occur during childbirth due to breeched delivery, a delay in cesarean section, placenta abruption, and failure to notice fetal distress. A difficult birth can be caused by the baby's size or the position of the baby during labor. A lot of complications can arise from the process and can lead to a baby or the mother's death.

When a doctor or any healthcare professional does not give the right attention and skills a patient needs, it can result to wrongful deaths.

Los Angeles is filled with outstanding doctors who put a patient's needs above all else and doctors who do not adhere the same ideals should be liable for their conduct.

Only the immediate family of the deceased can file a case of wrongful death. These include the spouse and children. In some cases, a dependent like a minor, though not related, but is established to be a dependent of the victim can also file the case.

Thousands of wrongful death cases due to medical malpractice are reported every year in Los Angeles. The number will keep on increasing if the immediate families of these victims fail to take action against the people who were negligent in treating their patient.

If anyone in your family is a victim of wrongful death due to medical malpractice or other causes, consulting with an attorney who handles wrongful deaths will help you see your options and the actions that you can take.

To help you pursue wrongful death claim and other related cases, consult with our expert Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys. Log on to our website and avail of our free case analysis.

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