Dealing With Auto Malfunction Accidents

Published: 14th October 2008
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Vehicle crash is a growing concern in California. A recent survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that in 2006 alone, there were 4,236 vehicular accidents in California, with the Los Angeles county ranking at the top with the most number of fatalities at 799. One of the causes of vehicle accidents that drivers experience while on the road is auto malfunction.

Buying a car is an investment for most people. Part of the responsibility of vehicle manufacturers is to make sure that the vehicle that you buy is roadworthy and has passed the required crash test to ensure that the vehicle is safe. Although accidents take place everyday due to many different reasons, car manufacturers should be responsible for those that have been caused or made worse by an auto malfunction.

One way to avoid auto malfunction accidents is familiarizing yourself with the possibilities of encountering some of them. Here are a few of the most common vehicle malfunctions:

• Car fails to start

• Engine will not crank

• Vacuum leak

• Engine Stall

• Engine makes noise

• Engine knocks when accelerating

• Battery runs down often

• Blown fuse

• Noisy brakes

• Low brake pedal

• Vibrating brakes when used

• Brakes pulling to one side when used

• Power breaks not responsive

• Steering wheel pulls to one side

• Steering feels loose

• Steering feels stiff

• Tires wear thin rapidly

• Tires wobbly

• Tires vibrating

• Bottoms out on bumps

Some of these malfunctions are present at the point of being bought, but the car owner is not aware of them. First-time car owners are usually especially unaware about these kinds of auto malfunctions. Quite a few of these malfunctions can prove to be disastrous for drivers and their passengers during an emergency. An unbalanced steering wheel, for example, would make abrupt turning harder for a driver when avoiding collision with other vehicles.

Your safety on the road may not always be up to you, but it is always best to take the necessary precautions. Here are a few tips to help you avoid accidents because of an auto malfunction.

• Know the limits of your car - take the time to be familiar with your car's features so that you will not push it too much. Putting your car through bad driving conditions would increase the risk of accidents.

• Make sure your car is in good shape - follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your car. Have trained, professional mechanics check it out for you on a regular basis.

• Wear your seatbelt - many auto accident fatalities would have been prevented if the driver and passengers wore seatbelts. Remember that the few seconds you take to fasten yours could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

• Be attentive to your car - take care to notice the few nuances your car has. Take notice of the noise it makes and if you feel that it makes far too much noise than it should, or that if it starts making a new kind of noise, have it checked up immediately.

• When buying a second hand car, try to bring along someone who understands cars (preferably a mechanic) so that he/she can check the car for hidden malfunctions that are not readily obvious to a new car owner.

Remember that in driving, safety comes first. Part of being a responsible car owner is making sure that you do your share in keeping the road safe. If you have been injured in an auto malfunction accident consider hiring an attorney with sufficient experience on these types of cases.

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