Dangerous Side of Water Parks

Published: 13th June 2009
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Temperatures in Los Angeles could go up to a high of 32-380C. Water parks are considered refuge from the surging summer heat.

There are lots of water parks in California to choose from. Some of the most famous are:

• The Rapids Water Slide

• Six Flags Waterworld

• Wild Water Adventures

• RoseVille Waterworks Park

• Antioch Water Park

• Crocodile Dundee

With all the fun that everyone experiences in water parks, we sometimes forget that accidents can happen anywhere. Even while having fun, an accident may occur and we or our loved ones may sustain some injuries.

In Los Angeles alone, water accident lawyers are representing hundreds of plaintiffs on personal injury cases related to water park incidents every year.

With so many competing water parks, owners of these establishments try to gain advantage over the others. Higher, faster slides and water rides are being constructed every year. With these excitement inducing improvements, risks of accidents and injuries also increase.

If a person gets injured as a result of an accident, consulting with a good Los Angeles water park accident lawyer would be the best move.

Cause of Water park Accidents

As with Amusement parks, Water parks have made innovations to make their rides more exciting and more appealing to customers.

But with added excitement, also comes added dangers. Some of the common causes of water park accidents are:

• Ride crashes

• Falling off water rides

• Operator error

• Slippery pavements and walkways

• Unsafe water ride entrance and exit

• Sudden start or stop of ride

• Ride malfunction

Common injuries from water parks

Injuries that can be sustained in water park accidents varies from minor scrapes and bruises to serious injuries like spinal cord and brain damage that could result from a bad fall.

Major injuries to the spinal cord and brain could lead to paralysis. Amputations are also possible with water park accidents resulting to crashes. Although cushioned by water, ride crashes could still lead to a victim being pinned by the ride itself.

Heart failure is also a common occurrence in water parks. Speeds of water rides or the impact of the water could put a stress in the body and cause some problems with the heart.

Preventing Water Park Accidents

You can reduce risks of water park accidents by taking precautions and being more careful around the rides and facilities.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep yourself and your companions safe:

• Be extra careful on slippery areas - Concrete and wood can be very slippery when wet. Water parks usually put carpet, rubber mats or other object to cover the slippery area.

• Supervise children - Do not rely on water park attendants to monitor your children. Always be aware of where they are and what they are doing.

• Follow warning signs - Water parks usually have precautionary signs to warn people of the dangers. If the sign says that the ride is not for people with heart problems then do not take the ride if you have cardiac conditions to avoid heart failures.

• Be aware of the attendants and lifeguards - You should be able to call the attention of attendants and lifeguard during an accident.

Filing a Personal Injury Case

If you sustained injuries in a water park accident because of the actions (or inaction) of the owner of the water park then you should seek legal help.

A Los Angeles water park accident lawyer will be able to help you in establishing if the owners have been negligent of their duties to the water park customers.

To help you deal with water park accidents and other personal injury cases, consult with our expert Los Angeles water park accident lawyers. Log on to our website and avail of our free case analysis.

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