Basics in Civil Litigation

Published: 02nd October 2008
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Litigation is concerned with a case filed in court by a plaintiff who is searching for a legal remedy to a dispute or question between him/her and the defendant.

Persons Involved in Litigation

There are two parties in litigation. The two parties are:

• Defendant- a defendant is the one who is obliged to answer a complaint that was filed in court. A defendant is at times called a respondent because the person will have to show up in court as ordered by summon and answer the complaint that was filed.

• Plaintiff- a plaintiff is the one who is complaining and the one who will file a case in a court against a defendant. In addition, the plaintiff will have to prove that the defendant has done something wrong or negligent

The plaintiff or defendant does not necessarily mean a single person. It could be partnership, a public or private corporation, an agency of the government, and a business establishment.

Civil Litigation in California

Civil litigation is concerned with the giving compensation for damages to the party who was proven to be the victim. It does not use imprisonment as a punishment when a defendant is proven to be guilty. There are various cases filed under civil litigation.

In California, particularly Los Angeles, there civil litigations are placed under different categories. Some of these categories are: personal injuries, labor and employment, disability, and business.

Personal Injury

Some of the cases being filed under personal injury are:

• Slip and Fall Accidents- slip and fall accidents occur when a person obtains injuries due to a fall that was caused by another's lack of precaution and care or negligence. Injuries that can be obtained by a person that due to a slip and fall accident include:

• spinal cord injury

• bulging or herniated discs

• ligament and muscle injury

• head injury

• knee injury

• shoulder injury

• fractures

• Premise liability claims- these are claims by a person who obtained injuries while inside the property of another due to the latter's negligence.

• Automobile Accidents- automobile accidents take a major part in personal injury cases. These are road accidents which involves automobiles.

Labor and Employment

Some of the cases being filed under labor and employment include:

• Wrongful Termination - Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired by an employer due to reasons that are illegal or improper.

• Sexual Harassment in the Workplace- This are instances when an employee is harassed by some other person in the same company. It encompasses actions like touching that is unwanted and malicious comments, among others

• Sex Discrimination- Sex discrimination happens when an employee is discriminated due to his/her gender.


Some of the cases being filed under disability include:

• Supplementary Security Income Overpayment- This occurs when the person receiving a disability benefit is notified by the Social Security Administration that he/she is being overpaid by a certain amount of money and in now obliged to pay them back.

• Medical Insurance- Medical insurance is an aid in paying outpatient care and fees for the services of doctors. In addition, it also envelops medical services, which are not covered by Hospital Insurance.

• Supplemental Security Income Fraud Protection- This is a program which gives a significant safety net for the most elderly and needy individual in the whole United States.

Los Angeles Civil Litigation Lawyer

When you are planning to file a civil litigation case or you are a victim in such a case, you should ask for the help and guidance of a Los Angeles civil litigation lawyer. This lawyer will do his/her best to help the victim in a civil litigation case to be justly compensated.

For legal assistance on civil litigations and other concerns, you can consult with our expert Los Angeles attorneys. You can visit our website and avail of our free case analysis.

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