Baby Crib Defect Resulting to Accidents

Published: 11th March 2010
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A child's safety should always be a top of priority of parents as well as the manufacturers of products that they commonly use.

Ironically, a lot of reported child death is a result of defective products that manufacturers have failed to control and keep out of the market. Majority of the products that have been a subject of recalls include toys, foods, and even cribs.

Cribs need to be safe for children because it is where they spend most of their time playing and sleeping. However, these things often cause accidents that can cause injuries and disabilities which will permanently burden the child and his family.

Product manufacturers will be held liable once it is proven that their negligence resulted to the death or injury of a child. They will cover the hospitalization bills, future medications and treatments, and, if possible, hedonic damages and funeral expenses.

In class action suits, aside from compensatory damages, the defendants are often asked to pay punitive damages which are designed to have great impact in the company's finances.

Possible Injuries of Children

Some children who become victims of defective cribs end up with injuries that potentially limit the activities that they can enjoy even until they grow up. Here are some of serious injuries that a child can get from defective cribs:

• Paralysis - In some cases, cribs that are not sturdy enough collapses when a child is in it. The fall of the child can result to damages to his spinal column and temporary or permanent paralysis may happen.

• Brain damage - The impact of a child can damage his brain as the skull is not strong enough to protect it from sudden trauma. Damage can also result from inadequate supply of oxygen that goes to the brain.

• Lost limbs - Defective designs of cribs can lead to amputation of legs, arms, and fingers of babies and so parents should be wary of all possible dangers that can harm their child.

• Disfigurement - Deep facial wounds will likely result to scars which will serve as a reminder of the child's accident. They cause undue suffering to the child and so all possible corrective procedures should be explored.

• Blindness - The hazardous design and sharp materials and edges of cribs can damage the baby's eye and result to his blindness.

These injuries will rob the child of his chance to enjoy life with normalcy and free from any burden. They should be given a chance to explore things that a person can do and not be limited with disabilities that will permanently affect them.

Possible Defects

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a crib. There have been reported instances when a well-designed crib would be made of poor quality materials that will easily give in to the baby's weight and could possibly collapse.

Also, there are cribs that are made of good quality materials but are designed poorly so the functions are not maximized and can even cause injuries.

Manufacturers should also label and include user manual to instruct parents of the proper use of their products.

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